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Hi gang! I'm dedicated to seeking the truth and delivering it to you in simple, understandable and applicable ways. Our health culture is full of bad information, outdated information, or it is just not telling you about better ways of doing things. Instead of striving for results and battling symptoms, why not find out what is at the root of the problems? I have tremendous success with "odd" health issues, chronic pain, stubborn weight and taking the stress off the hormone system. I have created a really great assessment; it not only tells you where you are, but helps to lay out the steps and timeline to get you to where you want to be- " the version of you that feels good, likes what it sees in the mirror, and is fighting off aging, mental dullness and disease". My Body Restore Assessment Focuses On These 4 Concepts:


1. Sleep - Digestion Connection (our gut is our pharmacy- our Feel Good Chemicals, Fat Burning & Sleep starts here). Neuroscience calls our gut "the 2nd brain".


2. Adrenal Fitness & Body Fat Testing; Discover exactly what kind of exercise and hormone support your body needs to be well. Guess wrong and it is rapid aging and muscle burning instead of fat burning.

3. Fat or Sugar Battery? Is your diet congruent with your lifestyle, genetics & adrenal hormone profile? Eating or exercising for the wrong profile leads to chronic pain, fatigue & frustration.

4.. Hormone Imbalances (Adrenal-Thyroid-Insulin)

How well do you deal with stress & how quickly can you rebuild your body (anti-aging the real/natural way)?


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Meet Dr. Sean Patterson, D.C.

Dr. Sean Patterson, D.C. 

I will help you identify the stresses that are causing your mental fatigue, low energy, chronic pain and weight gain. Once the problems are identified, the solutions will come in the form of nutrition, healthy body motion, adrenal hormone support, negative ion therapy, allergy removal techniques, whole body vibration, emotional trigger release and more.

Once you and I agree on the problem and course of action, we will then begin an effective, consistent, step by step program that will move you toward your goals as quick and affordable as possible. Regular assessments, check points and re-evaluations will assure that you are not only feeling & looking better, but actually creating healing and lasting change.

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